How to find the most important thing in your life

A question: What is the most important thing in your life? Are you aware of it? Have you ever talked about it with someone? Maybe it is something so private that you keep it to yourself – it feels too dangerous to share with others. Yes, there is fear associated with verbalising something that is… Continue reading How to find the most important thing in your life

Why sometimes support is so important

Jenny is sitting in the sunshine on the terrace of her mother’s flat – reflecting back on the last few weeks. Bad news. Her mother has Dementia and has taken a seemingly sudden downturn. Jenny’s sister, the primary caretaker, is on a well deserved holiday, her brother is working in two jobs.

Human Systems – a guide

Emotions not making sense in your context? A systemic issue could be at play! A human system is like a mobile – if one element doesn’t carry its weight (i.e. it’s heavier or lighter than it should be), the whole system is out of balance. To find a good definition of a system, and to… Continue reading Human Systems – a guide