How to find the most important thing in your life

A question: What is the most important thing in your life?

Are you aware of it? Have you ever talked about it with someone?

Maybe it is something so private that you keep it to yourself – it feels too dangerous to share with others.

Yes, there is fear associated with verbalising something that is important to us.

We might not be understood.
We might be made fun of.
We might be taken advantage of.
We might be excluded from our community.

So, what stops us from sharing – and living our truth.

Being true to ourselves can make us feel vulnerable.

We might realise that we have made compromises to belong to a certain group, stay in a job, protect a relationship, etc…

We might be much more alone.

Consider this: vulnerability is also strength – a soft strength, an inner strength.

Being alone is not a bad thing though. Because, when we’re true to ourselves, we’re not lonely. We enjoy our own company.

“How do I get there?” you might ask yourself. You might add “I don’t even know what is the most important thing in my life!”

You’re right, getting to know the most important thing in your life is the first step – and there is a way to get there:

Take time out to reflect – 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there, maybe longer. Maybe write a journal.

Fleeting thoughts at first, getting stronger over time.

Such thoughts may have been ignored for a long time, they have become silent. Now they gather courage from being listened to.

Trust what comes.

And yes, please share your thoughts.

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There you will find a post of this update. Please share in the comments the process you used to find the most important thing in your life – and maybe list some of your insights.

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Yours in Change Made Real