Focus beyond distraction

An interesting dynamic between two football teams. It was the third game in the State of Origin, a series of rugby games between Queensland and New South Wales in Australia. I don’t usually watch such games, but this was special. It was the decider game – and people are immensely passionate about it.

Can you heal yourself? Yes you can!

Frank is a Nungarai, an Aboriginal healer. He’d healed my knee after I’d hardly been able to walk on it for months. A year or so later, and again I’ve been in pain for months – this time with my shoulder. We meet. I ask: “when you’ve got time I’d like some healing for my shoulder.” “You can do it… Continue reading Can you heal yourself? Yes you can!

We have dreams – then what?

I guess you have had, and have now, a dream. A dream that makes your life the way you would like it to be, and – maybe bring a sense of adventure, purpose, and wholeness. Sometimes you act on it. Rarely ever does it turn out the way you dreamt it.