How would you feel when…?

150709 Flowers in Carnavon GorgeThen insert something in there you would like to achieve.

Maybe it’s in your career.

Maybe it’s travel.

Maybe it’s a special event.

Maybe it’s meeting someone in particular.

Maybe it’s breaking through a block.

Maybe it’s having the courage to do something you have been wanting to do for a long time.

You can also put something there you would like to stop happening.

Like recurring accidents

Like a limiting belief

Something that stops you being the full potential of you.

You can also put something there you would like to happen in your life – like love, or happiness.

So, how would you feel when …?

Now, imagine this ‘when’ – be creative!

Visualise it from beginning to end – go into details.

Pay attention to the sounds you might hear.

What you will taste or smell.

They are important senses and have been respected for a long time.

So long, in fact, that they’re embedded in our language – with sayings like: “This has a bad taste” or “that smells fishy”.

Now turn it around and use it in a positive sense, for example: “How would it smell when …?”

Ok, you’ve just done the first two steps towards realising a dream you might have been harbouring for a while.

The first step was setting an intention, defining a goal.

The second step was getting clear about the end state – a very important step. It keeps you on track with the next two steps.

How do you feel now? Encouraged?

Good – let’s get down to work and take the next step.

So, the third step is ‘taking action’. You do need to do things to make something happen – or stop them from happening.

You might know some actions already, that came up when imagining the end result.

For example, if you sensed a certain smell when imagining the end, you could get an essential oil with this smell, and smell it regularly.

It’ll help you immensely, because our sense of smell is directly connected with our brain, and has a direct influence on our emotions and mental wellbeing in general.

So, smelling ‘the end’ will keep us on track.

You might ask: “what about if I get stuck? Hit a road block that seems insurmountable?”

There is help out there – and that’s the fourth step – asking for, and receiving, help.

My natural leadership program is one such help: