Trauma turns into generational trauma – until resolved

Have you ever wondered why certain events keep on happening: to you, to your family, to a friend, to a colleague? A pattern that keeps repeating, even though you know it’s not helpful?

Sometimes we set the same goal or make the same decision or new years resolution, only to realise that we keep repeating the same old stuff.

It could be emotional eating and feeling overly full and not being able to sleep as a result. Or lashing out at our partner about a small thing when we feel stressed.

I eat too much when I’m exhausted or feel emotionally drained.

I’m sure you can find something in your life that fits into this picture.

So, what can we do about it?

We can inquire compassionately into our past; ask ourself gently, what does this remind me of? This can be the situation, the habit, the emotion, the urge etc. 

Sometimes things get too hard to deal with by ourselves. That’s when it is best to go for help.

So where to find it?

There are a couple of processes I can offer you.

Recently I’ve come across new psychotherapy models that help us explore – and transform – what happened in our childhood, to help make sense of what is happening in our life now.

I embarked on a journey with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), an amazing tool that helps remapping the brain to detach emotions from painful memories. More about this in another email.

Imago Relationship Dialogue. As a couple you can explore and heal old wounds together in a structured dialogue that keeps the communication safe.

And of course Systemic Exploration, aka Family/Organisational Constellations, which can also address generational trauma. Not much to say about that, you have to experience it, as so many of you have done already over the years.

If you’re in Alice Springs, you’re lucky. 

After a break of over 2 years I am happy that I can offer another Family/Organisational Constellation workshop on 28/29 November. 

It’s at the White Gum Retreat at Honeymoon Gap, a powerful place for this work. Here is the link for more information.

If you’re not in Alice Springs, don’t worry. Soon I will be offering online groups. The first one will be for free for people who have taken part in one of my live workshops before.

Watch this space.

Intrigued? Need support? 

Hit reply and get in touch.

P.S. You might notice that my name is spelt differently. It’s the result of a change that happened in my life.