Disrupted routine – or routine disruptions?

Unpredictable times. Fear and uncertainty may take front seat in our lives. 

Every one of us is affected by this tiny little monster called coronavirus – wondering about our own health, how we protect ourselves, how we protect others.  

We’re also subject to our governments making decisions that limit our freedom. Social distancing? Social isolation? 

Working from home, social distancing, or self-isolation are typical examples. 

Emotions may pop up out of nowhere, and for no good reason. We might feel trapped or anxious or … 

It’s true. There are many things out of our control. 

We might let ourselves drop into fear, or doom and gloom.  

However, it’s also true that we have choice in how we respond. Even in this unprecedented situation we can look at the glass half empty or half full. 

No matter what happens externally, we are in charge of what happens inside us.  

Consider Nelson Mandela in Robben Island prison, or Victor Frankl surviving a Nazi concentration camp. In their minds they refused to ‘give in’ to their circumstances – and they had to do this alone and unaided. 

So, how can we apply to our lives the lessons these exemplary individuals have shown us? 

We’re still a community. We connect with each other, albeit electronically. In addition we have a lot of tools available to help ourselves anywhere, anytime. 

We are a community, and we can share with each other what works for us. 

To get things going, you may want to reflect on the following: 

  • I wonder what good can come out of it …
  • I believe it is possible to …
  • Tools I use to influence the way I am feeling include …
  • I choose to focus on …
  • I can help others by …

Let’s also remember that we have a choice of being ‘in fear’ or ‘in our power’. 

Inspired? Would you like to share with us what you came up with? 

Respond to this email, and we will pass it on to the Change Made Real community. 

The paradox of this moment is that isolation is bringing us closer together the more we choose to help each other. 

Stay well, stay safe and see the glass half-full. 

With love