World Peace – One Relationship at a Time

It’s been a long time since you last heard from me. 

Much has happened in our world, the unprecedented situation with the Corona virus has an impact on all of us. My heart goes out to you all

At my end – certainly a lot happened, over quite a while – for a start we’ve relocated, again! This time to Alice Springs in the ‘Red Centre’ of Australia.  

A fascinating, rewarding and occasionally challenging, remote place – far from the coastal cities. However distance is no constraint to video or phone sessions. 

Things have changed in Change Made Real too. Couple-sessions in the amazing Imago Dialogue model are now available in addition to our previous programs. 

And my husband, Malcolm, has joined the business. Our new website is the first result! You may detect some stylistic changes. His experience is different to mine.   

Also, you may hear from him in the occasional email, writing from his standpoint as ‘a partner in an Imago relationship’.  

Feel free to share his stuff with anyone you think might be interested – and of course, the same goes for mine! 

Through self-reflection, playing with ideas, formulating what we want from life and work – and what we can offer to the world, we found our why: 

World Peace – One Relationship at a Time    

Things start small. If we change our relationship to ourselves, we change relationships to others, and before long we’re starting to change the world! 

Now back in action, I’m committing that you will hear from us once or twice a week with inspirational emails with practical tips.  

If you have any questions or concerns, or simply want to reach out in these strange times, drop me an email.  

Better yet, visit our constantly evolving website and let me know what you think. 

Sending love