Time to restart… are you ready to take the jump?

Looking at the calendar I realise it’s been two years since my last time in Alice Springs, a most powerful place to run Systemic and Family Constellation workshops.

Much has happened since, at least for me, and I can imagine for your too.

The world has changed. We all have changed.

Sometimes life serves big reminders, sometimes they are more subtle.

Either way they are an incredible opportunity to learn and grow.

Sometimes we can work it out for ourselves. Sometimes we need help to see more clearly and to take that first step.

There certainly were some big hits in our life.

There also was luck.

Thanks to listening to my intuition and the help of beautiful friends, practitioners, and a coach, who gave the last push to jolt me into clarity and action.

For example an overdue 2000 km relocation back to Brisbane finally happened.

Our good fortune in relocating is evidenced in alert medical support to improve our health.

Finally I am ready work, and be at your side again.

This will start with an Systemic and Family Constellation workshop in Alice Springs next weekend, 26-27 May 2018.

Do you need a restart?

Are you ready to take the jump?

Get in touch with me to book your place.

Time is short, I know.

Spontaneous decisions, however, are often the best ones. You don’t have time to second guess your decision.

So, if it feels right, take that jump. You have a chance to accelerate your personal growth.

If you can’t be in Alice Springs this weekend, don’t worry. I will be there the following week, giving individual sessions.

For those of you who are not in Alice Springs and I can also give these sessions on-line.

Let the power of the ancient land of Central Australia help you through the ether.

The growing continues, no matter where we are.

If you need to read a bit more about what Systemic and Family Constellation is about, follow this link.

I am so happy that I can be of service to you again.

Sending love.