From go-getter to receiver

Or – the gift of chronic fatigue.

About four months ago I lost something important, something you can’t really live without… my energy.

After an intense week at a conference – stricken with the flu! I wasn’t concerned, just did what always worked for me – took homeopathic remedies, essential oils and supplements to help rebuild the immune system.

Got better at first, but then the recovery stalled, and stalled… and stalled again. A month later I still couldn’t shake off the fatigue.

It took a phone call, from a good friend, to make me aware that I was burnt out – that I had, what some people call, ‘chronic fatigue’.

She should know, she’d had chronic fatigue for the last few years, and was now starting to come out it.

With her offer of support, and her assurance that it is possible to get through this, I finally let myself fall into the fatigue.

What happened subsequently was amazing: I really crashed, was more tired than I’d ever felt in my life.

A life of push-crash cycles had taken it’s toll.

All energy was gone. I could not move.

Had to completely switch off – even from thinking. Or at the very least, press the ‘pause’ button.

No longer  able to ‘go and get’, I thought that I might as well learn to receive – to go into my heart and be open to what existence showed me next.

Moving into uncharted territory – scary and exhilarating at the same time.

A turn around of many deeply ingrained beliefs about money, power, business, community, success, love, friendship…

The amazing thing was that when resting and trusting, I was happy. Beautiful things and people started coming towards me.

Slowly, slowly, after about a month I was getting better, a delicate journey of discovering new ways of being and doing business.

But, whenever I tried to do more than I was able to, I relapsed.

Luckily I knew how to respond. Rest.

From my experience I’d suggest that the key to recovery is:

Stop the intellect overriding messages from the body – start by being emotionally honest, both to yourself and to others.

Healing often comes from a direction we don’t expect, or have not yet considered.

A good friend, coach or therapist can help us, can point the way. The healing is in us all.

So if you resonate with what I say and do – and you feel the need for some help to find the healing in you, get in touch with me. I am back in the world – present and here for you.

Preeti xx