Let’s do an exploration – take a moment and relax

150523 cloudsReady?

Maybe even close your eyes.

Now imagine you hear someone say: “I feel blessed”

Then add whatever this person might feel ‘blessed’ about.

Maybe it’s making an income with what they love to do, living in a beautiful area, or just how their life is turning out in general.

Now, don’t read further – just let yourself imagine this scenario.




So, what was your first instinctive reaction?

What did you really hear, see, feel, smell, taste?

I don’t know about you, but I get a stale taste in my mouth when I hear or read such declarations.

Something stinks here.

Why should some people be ‘blessed’ and others not?

In the end we all are human beings trying to make the most of our lives.

So, let’s have a closer look at this notion of self-declared ‘blessedness’.

Somehow it does not include the whole being.

To me it seems to come from the mind – from the ego.

It says: “I am special,” and “I am doing good work.”

To the outside world.

And we can all fall into this trap.

Feeling ‘full of love’ and ‘overflowing’ – we can’t contain the energy.

I certainly know it in myself. But on closer inspection, I feel a tension in my head.

Something doesn’t feel quite right.

This tells us that, somewhere, we are lying to ourselves.

Because when we’re truly happy, we feel it in every cell.

We don’t need to tell the world about it – we are happy as we are.

So, how do we put it right?

Through honest self inquiry – and listening to the sometimes very soft voice inside us.

And yes, sometimes we’re stuck in it – going round and round in our heads.


That’s when outside help is beneficial – from a trusted counsellor, or coach.

So, if you trust me enough to share your deepest fears with me, I’m here and ready.

Just get in touch with me.

I’d love to help you jump yet another hurdle in this adventure we call life.