Awaken the sleeping giant

150501 the sleeping giant treeLooking out from ‘our place’ in the far corner of a campground in Alice Springs, I am ready to start writing again.

Right in front – on the river plane – there is an amazing tree.

A huge dead one, lying on the ground.

Like a sleeping giant.

I can only imagine how this tree once stood in its magnificence.

Three big trunks from one root – spreading their branches tall and wide.

Providing shade and habitat.

Now – cracked apart on the ground and hollowed out – still providing habitat.

And providing for new life.

Another tree has grown out of its centre. Perhaps the same root.

Again with three trunks.

Again providing shade and habitat.

A metaphor for the cycle of life – for renewal.

We all have a sleeping giant in us – waiting to be of service.

Everything we have done so far – and experienced – forms the root for something new to happen.

Sometimes we have to re-invent ourselves – like the tree on the flood plane.

What may look like failure is just a phase.

It just depends how we use it – and the step we next take.

And – as always – if you feel you would like some assistance in taking that next step, I’m here to help you make it a good one.

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