How to watch your thoughts

150418 palms in carnavon gorge in outback queenslandThey talk about watching your thoughts and how it helps get a better perspective on life.

Let’s have a closer look at what this is about.

It happens when you meditate.

There are lots of ways to meditate. You can go running, walking, ride a bicycle, weed the garden – or just sit silently.

Sometimes it just happens. You are not your thoughts anymore.

In this state you can have your best ideas – they just appear to pop up.

Now, rather than simply waiting for this moment, you can support it to happen.

It’s about being present.

Present with yourself.

Present with the moment you’re in.

With acceptance.

Sometimes  emotions come up. Then it’s best to be present with them – without acting them out.

Allow and feel them – then watch them.

Sometimes thoughts are racing through your head.

Then its best to be present with them, too. Without trying to control them – or getting lost in them.

There are amazing ‘movies’ going through our heads.

However. Whenever you notice that you have been ‘lost in a movie’, you have a moment of awareness.

You can take the chance to come back to watch your thoughts instead of merely being in them.

Here’s a little trick that can help you with this.

Imagine taking a step back.

You stand behind yourself and watch what’s going on.

Like watching another person.

It’s like watching the clouds in the sky – your thoughts drift by on their own accord.

Serenity is the gift you get out of it.

Now, if this feels too hard for you to do – and you would like more serenity in your life, get in touch with me.

I’m here to help you find what you’re looking for.