Walkabout on Easter eggs

150407 Swiss Easter eggsImagine sitting in a conflicted land, surrounded by war – and finding inner peace.

It’s possible.

A reader of these emails has done just that – in Israel.

1 km from the border of Syria and 100 m to the border of Lebanon he is experiencing the most peaceful days.

He writes:

“It is precisely in this country, so full of contradictions, mastering pragmatically all sides as much as possible, that I find courage time and again for my own impossible situations.”

He continues:

“Freedom while respecting personal and external boundaries;

Living in discipline and secure discipline, in explosive situations;

E-Q based action, while walking on (Easter-) eggs….”


It’s Easter – I am sitting at the other side of the planet – in the hinterland of Byron Bay.

Letting myself be inspired by an inspired reader.

This is what my emails are about. A two way communication.

Letting ourselves be inspired to face impossible situations.

We all have them.

Find ourselves walking on egg shells.

And, if you’d like personal one-on-one support with a particularly impossible situation, have a read here:


I am here to help you make the most out of the rich tapestry we call life.