The secret sauce to discipline – and freedom

150329 rainbow valleyDiscipline is not one of my strengths. Never was.

But in my late 50s I’m actually getting to value it.

No doubt my life has been pretty ‘free’ so far. I had ‘freedom of choice’ as well as the freedom to ‘go with the flow’ – and fully intend to continue that way.

The trick to this is understanding that freedom and discipline are not mutually exclusive, that in fact they support each other.

I’ve found a way to make being disciplined easier, and I would like to share it with you.

Here’s how.

A fulfilling life needs purpose as well as freedom – and to follow your purpose you need discipline.

To set a structure in place, and to stick to it.

Many people rely on an external structure, such as an employment contract, to achieve this balance.

If their job is close to their purpose, it can work.

There is a drawback however – choices are often taken by others (managers)

It is different when running your own business – you’re in charge.

For example, I have now have my own businesses – and am living on the road in a camper trailer.

As long as I have internet I can work. Skype, for example, works wonderfully for a Systemic Constellation session.

However, with so much freedom there is danger.

The danger of not doing any work , instead hanging out in the next national park.

While this may be attractive for a while, life could become empty over time.

Frustration might set in.

No sense of achievement.

So, how to create discipline in such a situation?

First of all, by finding your purpose.

Then, by accepting that you need a certain discipline to create.

A good way to do this is by establishing a daily practice.

For example, last year I re-introduced daily meditation -giving me regularity (discipline) and peace of mind.

A few months later I added daily writing – and still do.

Actually, in the turmoil of our move, the practice got lost a bit. But I’m just coming back to it – and it feels a relief.

Like coming home – to yourself.

You might say ‘yes, but…’ and have a laundry list of reasons why you cant adopt discipline.

To make it easier, I got a mentor for a while to help me get started.

A mentor can help you uncover your purpose, to feel motivated.

Get assistance in establishing a routine – and in staying at it so that you really  achieve things.

The result? You will enjoy your freedom because you are fulfilling your purpose.

So, if you’d like a mentor to help you bring discipline and freedom under one hat, my natural leadership program is for you.