“Once a year go to someplace your’ve never been before”

150323 Map on MurrayCame across this quote a while ago. I liked it and have been meaning to write about it ever since.

It’s attributed to the Dalai Lama – but before I published it, I thought I ought to check whether this is true.

It appears the claim of authorship is false.

With the Internet, and particularly Facebook, so many good ideas are attributed to famous names. I wonder why this is needed.

What is this cult of ‘celebrity’ about – are we unable to accept wisdom as it stands?

Back to the quote – when did you last go to a new place?

My first response was – a bit flippantly: “I do that all the time.” Then I realised it’s not just about going to a new place.

It’s about the attitude.

It doesn’t have to be a new country.

It can be as simple as wandering through a suburb you haven’t set your foot in before – or having a coffee in a new cafe by yourself.

This quote is about opening your mind to new things.

Letting the experience change you.

In fact, it’s not even about going to a new physical place.

It can also be about learning something new – a language, or a new technique in your profession.

Doing something new or different expands your mind, keeps you flexible – and alive.

Developing an attitude like this, where you can open yourself to new things and let your mind expand, is something you can learn.

And I can help you, for example, it’s part of the natural leadership program I offer.

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