A day in the forest – and another application of the 4 step process

150309 House in forestIt’s hot and windy – extreme fire danger.

It’s not a comfortable feeling on a day such as this, when you live in the forest.

The fire-ready plan is in place.

I’m sitting in the garden, watching the trees sway in the wind.

Eucalyptus trees look funny. They have a fairly loose canopy – long branches with a crown of leaves on each one.

It’s an interesting awareness exercise on a day like this – staying alert, and yet calm. Staying calm yet alert.

Not sure where it comes from, but wind makes me nervous.

Anyway – watching yourself in such moments has a lot of potential.

Without forcing yourself to be different, just watch.

On a fire danger day in the forest there is an undercurrent of unease, restlessness, a bit of fear.

Knowing that everything is as prepared as it can be, the only thing one can do is watch – both the internal processes and the external situation.

Relaxation sets in. I watch.

Birds singing. They wouldn’t be here if a fire would be approaching. Animals know these things.

So, I stay calm – knowing, that all I can do is stick to the plan.

I keep watching.

Responsibility. There is a little trick to this – the four step process I’ve discussed before.

The first  step to taking responsibility is to fully acknowledge what’s happening, and your emotional response to it.

It helps to name it – either aloud, or with clear words in your mind.

Then fully accept your ‘what is’.

Throughout breathe gently.

Finally use your breath to gently bring it into your heart.

Developing an attitude like this, where you can take a step back and keep your calm even when most people would panic or worry, is something you can learn.

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