How unconscious (and limiting) loyalty in a team can break down results

conflict-resolution-imageImagine you’re a new manager of a well established team and have just started in this position.

Maybe this has happened to you?

Or perhaps you’ve had the experience from the other side: you loved working with your old manager, but now you need to work with a new one.

Now, reflect on the dynamics of this setting – in some cases, the team stops functioning.

It’s possible. So, what changed?

Some members might subtly – or not so subtly – resist the new managers efforts.

Maybe more people are sick, more often.

Cooperation is not happening – even though the team members might want to contribute, something is blocking them.

The new manager is at a loss.

“How can I be a better manager?” she might ask.

But no matter what she tries, it doesn’t work.

You see, a well functioning team is not just dependent on the skills of it’s leader.

Other dynamics are in play here.

Very often, more often than you might realise, some people are still loyal to the previous manager. They doubt the fairness of his departure.

No wonder the new manager is struggling.

So, it’s not her fault, it’s a systemic issue – the result of the system of relationships in the company, usually hidden.

But fear not. The manager can still take action towards disentangling such a hidden dynamic and re-establishing a well functioning team.


She starts by engaging a qualified practitioner to facilitate a Systemic or Organisational Constellation, on this issue.

They are perfect for bringing to light hidden dynamics, both unhelpful and helpful.

The new manager receives insights into what is happening, and participates in a small modern-day ritual that brings healing – and decides on next steps to take towards resolving this issue.


So, if you are in such a situation, you might be interested in one of the following two options:

  • A one-off Systemic Constellation consultation – if you are strapped for time
  • Or, for more continued support, the ‘Natural Leadership: Lead Yourself – Lead Others’ program I have just developed – which includes a Systemic Constellation.

Just get in touch with me and we can talk about how best to go about it.