How to become aware of what might make you feel exhausted

150126 View from lighthouseA week ago I wrote about how so many people these days are utterly exhausted.

That exhaustion also has to do with psychology.

Here is a little exercise that helped me to become more aware of the dynamics in my psyche.

It helps you to explore various options.

So, here we go:

  1. Sit down in quiet place, where you won’t get disturbed and can comfortably close your eyes.
  2. Let go of all the pressures and demands on you: you’re just not doing them anymore.
  3. Let go of your work.
  4. Let go of everything you ever wanted to achieve: dreams, aspirations, things you think you have to do for other people.
  5. Imagine letting go over everything.

It is possible that your mind will resist, scream and tell you stop, and show disastrous scenarios if you choose to follow these thoughts.

If this happens, tell your mind not to worry – you’re not doing this in reality, your just imagining it.

On the other hand, it can reveal two things:

First, a feeling of relaxation.

You might have forgotten how letting go feels. Even if we let go of something in our thoughts only, it can be transformative.

The second outcome of the exercise is awareness of roadblocks – where you are stuck.

Maybe there is something you really need to let go of – or at least approach differently?

You might fear of doing this.

Maybe you’ll become aware of a behaviour that doesn’t make sense to you?

One you’ve been trying to change – without success.

In this case a Systemic or Family Constellation session might be useful to  resolve your roadblock – in a systemic way, without confrontation.

If you’re interested how, get in touch, I’ll tell you more about it.