Of purpose and how we can (re)connect with it

150122 road in West MacdonaldsBeen contemplating about purpose this morning – what it is, and how we can find it.

Yes, purpose might be a mental construct, however, there is also a deeper meaning to it.

I think all our lives have a purpose – and it’s our task to find it, and live accordingly.

Now, this purpose does not need to be clearly defined with words.

It might be an unspoken thing.

We might have an image of it.

We might just feel it.

Even without knowing exactly what it is, we will know when we are living according to our purpose.

It will make us feel complete, that we have a place on this planet.

That what we are doing is of value.

That our existence is important in the big picture.

It might feel like we are walking on a path – even if it’s not always clearly visible.

Sometimes hidden under bushes or rocks.

We stop and look at a bush or at rocks for a moment.

Open our eyes.

We will see what is important for us to see.

Yes, this is not always easy, and sometimes we feel lost – but there is a way out.

There are tools that can help us reconnect with your purpose – Systemic and Family Constellations for example.

In a Systemic Constellation session I often include an element for the client’s life purpose.

It helps place today’s problem into the bigger picture, such as an unconscious loyalty you might have to one of your ancestors, causing you to not live your own purpose.

So, if you’d like to find clarity about your life purpose, get in touch. It would be my pleasure to help you reconnect with it.