Feeling exhausted? There is a way out

Gorge Central AustraliaHave you ever felt exhausted?

I don’t mean the one after a good day’s work. I mean really, really exhausted – up to the point where you regularly can’t get out of bed in the morning?

I came across a book giving a cure for this recently.

Prescribes a 6 week recovery program – changing eating patterns, the type of foods to eat and not to eat.

They say it will give you your energy back – and, there is a point to it.

However, there are many programs out there, detoxes, cleanses, diets, rejuvenating programs that promise miracles.

Get the badies out of your system – once and for all.

It’s not the full truth though – I can tell you because I did quite a few of them in my time and I still have ‘badies’ in my system.

Food programs and detoxes are not the answer to everything.

As it is with the mind programs. Trying to to get well with the power of thoughts only doesn’t work either.

So, the question comes up whether it could be a combination of the two.

There is something to it, but that’s not all.

You see, exhaustion doesn’t just come from eating the wrong food and not thinking the right way. The problem’s bigger than that.

It’s even bigger than the environment we live and work in, even though they too have an influence on our wellbeing.

Exhaustion also has to do with with psychology.

You can have everything else in place, but if you’re struggling with one of the following, very likely you’ll still feel exhausted:

  • trying too hard,
  • taking on things that are not yours
  • judging yourself for not doing things right.
  • being guided by shoulds and shouldn’ts.

The good news is that there is way to heal this. So, let me tell you a bit more.

The first step is becoming aware of such dynamics in your psyche.

One way is to try an exercise where you imagine letting go of everything that, when you think of it, makes you feel overwhelmed and weak.

You might experience resistance and fear. This is why I advise you to explore the possibilities in your imagination before you take physical steps.

However, you might also gain insights into where you’re stuck.

You become aware of behaviour that doesn’t make sense to you.

Behaviour you’ve been trying to change – without success.

In this case you might consider a Systemic or Family Constellation session. This method looks at issues the systemic way.

That means it looks beyond body and mind. It looks at the human systems we belong to – and the systems and thought processes we have in our psyche.

This is why Systemic Constellations can show you a way out of exhaustion.

If you’re interested to know how, get in touch with me, so I can tell you more about it.