Of fields and systemic principles

IAF presentation MelbourneIn my last email, I wrote about fields and how we are connected with each other. Let me tell you a bit more about his phenomenon.

We carry a field with us wherever we go – like an invisible cloak.

If you’ve ever moved to a completely different place, you might have noticed that you ended up with a similar circle of friends as you had before.

That’s the creation of the knowing field around you.

Informing your actions and behaviours – which, when out of balance are not always beneficial for you, or your environment.

I also wrote  that Systemic and Family Constellations tap into this field. It’s amazing how this works, but that is for another day.

For now let’s stay with the concept.

The field we carry with us is informed by the various groups of people we are connected with.

Examples are our family, the place we work in, the community we live in.

These groups have structure, and are also referred to as human systems.

Observing dynamics in all kinds of living systems is fascinating, and has been researched since the 1950’s, and has become very popular.

For example the ‘Systems Thinking World’ group on LinkedIn has nearly 20,000 members.

Let’s look at some of the findings of the study into systems:

For a start, you stay connected with a system, a group of people, even when you’re not physically in the same place.

Just think of the last class reunion you went to, or a friend you haven’t seen for a long time.

When you get together, it’s often like being in a time warp. The patterns of the past resurface.

Another interesting bit about systems, is that people who are not physically present anymore can still have an influence on that system.

These, and other systemic principles, are what Systemic and Family Constellations work with.

So much so that Family Constellations or Organisational Constellations are mostly referred to as Systemic Constellations.

Feel intrigued? Have an issue you’d like to solve the systemic way?

Get in touch with me. I would be happy to assist you in this.