Fear – and how to recognise the real stuff

Storm approachingFear is an interesting emotion. Worth having a good look at it.

They say: “courage is not about being fearless – it’s about recognising the fear and doing it anyway.”

It does make sense – but doing something just because you are fearful of it is just as stupid as letting yourself be paralysed by fear.

Fear can show you real danger.

For example, it’s bushfire season here – and the last two days it has been very windy, making it quite dangerous when you live in the forest.

So, we need to stay prepared, informed and alert.

On the other hand, fear can also be your mind tricking you when you’re about to enter into a situation with an unknown outcome.

For example, you can be afraid before an exam, but this should not stop you doing it.

For sure you won’t pass it then.

So, whenever you feel fear, it is worth taking a step back.

Inquire into yourself – and your fear.

Ask yourself if, for your own good, you need to go through this fear – or not.

Now, if you’re not sure what your fear is about – or feel that your fear is too big to overcome by yourself, it’s good to talk to someone.

I would be happy to be at your service.