Of church windows, castles and serenity

Canada 1Nick Cave singing in the other room, something about church windows.

Somehow, church windows eminate a sense of serenity for me.

Particularly the ones with stained glass in the grand gothic churches of Europe.


What does it mean, really?

The Oxford dictionary describes it as: ‘The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled

So, serenity is an internal state.

In the Australian movie “The Castle” – Darryl sensed this inner state when contemplating the power-lines at Bonnie Doon.

Is it just me, or is it a fact of life, that when you inquire into things long enough, you end up in the unspeakable.

Something bigger than we have words for?

Now to you – what gives you serenity?

It could be a moment in a song – like the church windows Nick Cave is singing about.

It could just as readily be walking on a long trek, spending time with family and friends, or working in the garden.

Above all, however, it is our inner readiness and ability to recognise such moments when they come our way.

So, if you’re struggling, and want assistance in finding your own serenity in this mad world, please don’t hesitate. Get in touch with me.

Life is too short to stay miserable for long.