We are all interconnected – psychology and rituals revisited

Sita and Mira Sep14The other day I wrote about rituals and psychology and how they are both included in Systemic Constellations.

I had a response from Francesca Mason Boring, asking for permission to share my comparison of psychology and ritual with her students in a course in Shamanism and Indigenous Spirituality.

I feel honoured that other people find my work valuable enough that they want to include it in their work.

This is, after all what I’d done with someone else’s work.

You see, my comparison was inspired by a list in Daan van Kampenhout’s  book, ‘Images of the Soul’, where he compared psychotherapy with shamanism.

It has been invaluable for my work with Constellations in Aboriginal communities in remote Australia.

We are all interconnected, building on what was before. Nothing is new, nothing on this planet stands entirely by itself.

Evolution shows.

We wouldn’t be here if someone else hadn’t prepared the ground on which we stand and explore further from.

For example the flexibility and power of today’s smart phones wouldn’t be here if the the old landline telephone and the computer hadn’t been invented in the first place.

Systemic Constellations wouldn’t be here if Family Constellations, and many other forms of psychotherapy, coaching and facilitation processes hadn’t been before.

That’s why Systemic Constellations include psychology as well as rituals – and uses our inner sense of interconnectedness to find solutions in our personal life, work and community.

Systemic Constellations are for all who want to access their inner sense of interconnectedness more consciously and purposefully.

Feel intrigued?

Are you involved in a situation where you would like to have a closer look at the interconnectedness of events – and find what would support you towards success?

Give Systemic Constellations a go.

I’m here to help you find your most beneficial connections.