Eight simple steps to feeling confident

On flights back to Medesert from plane Sep14lbourne from Alice Springs, I love looking down on this amazing and largely inhabitable land of Central Australia.

One red sand dune after another. Then ranges of rocky outcrops. Sometimes an area of white sand. Rivers that are dry. Often with trees growing in them. Occasionally a lonely road.

Now, you might wonder – this looks like a travel journal.

You’re right. If you think of a journey through geography, an outside journey.

However, this post is about a different kind of journey. An inside journey, a journey through self.

Outside journeys trigger internal journeys. Internal journeys trigger outside ones.

Yes. You read right. An internal process can trigger a response from the outside, because how your think, your inner state,  determines your actions. And obviously, your environment responds to your actions.

For example, when we are confident we behave in a certain way. People respond to our confidence in a certain way.

On the other hand, when we doubt ourselves, we behave differently. People’s response reflects this behaviour. The doubt is contagious.

Makes sense?

Which one of these two scenarios do you prefer?

Maybe you’re wondering about how to be this confident person at times when you doubt yourself.

Here are eight steps you might want to follow to help you.

1)  Think of a time when you felt particularly confident.

2)  Describe the situation, either to a friend or write it into a journal.

3)  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • “What did I do that contributed to feeling confident?”
  • “How did I do it?”
  • “What happened then?”

4)  Go into detail.

5)   Then ask yourself again:

  • “What else did I do there?”
  • “How did I do that?”
  • “What happened then?”

6)  Keep going until you’ve uncovered all the things that contributed to you feeling confident.

7)  Then, based in what you found, decide on one small step you could take right now towards feeling confident.

8)  Take this step.

How simple is that! Try it.

I would love to hear about how you go with it.

If you have difficulties,  you kow where to find me.

I’m here to help.