When you’re missing someone – and how to find it in yourself

A couple of weeks ago was the anniversary of my father’s death.

He died a very long time ago, yet I still miss him sometimes – lately more so.

I would love to talk business with him – how to go about it and share the ups and downs.

He’d had his own business – and I realise now that he was quite a visionary and an initiator.

He was also an early adopter of new technology. You might call him a geek today. I would love to share that with him to.

This is a very personal tale – and yet so universal.

So, what to do in such a situation?

Yes, I can thank him for passing onto me the visionary and initiator spirit.

I can get support for my business from elsewhere, share my geekiness with other people.

But, I still miss him.

What do you do with that?

The thing is, other people can’t give it to you.

People are unique. Nobody else can replace them.

You have to find that connection inside yourself.

It’s like the feeling of ‘being at home’ I wrote about in a previous tale.

“But, how?” you might ask.

Writing is one way.

Just start writing without any aim or agenda, and watch where it goes.

In the beginning you might write lots and lots of pages over many days.

Keep going – just write what comes, even if it is about having to feed the dog.

Don’t filter anything out.

You’ll see a transformation happening right in front of your eyes.

Sometimes a solution pops up. Sometimes it’s a feeling that changes – for the better.

Even when you can’t bring that person back.

You will have a connection with yourself. The mystery we call life continues.

Sometimes, however, the grief and pain is harder to transform. Then it’s also good to talk to someone.

If this is the case, don’t hesitate.

There are various help lines out there, who have beautiful and dedicated people at the other end of the phone line. It’s anonymous, too, which can be comforting sometimes.

If that’s not enough, then you might want to have some sessions with a person you trust, and that can hold the space for you over a period of time.

If this person is me, please don’t wait, get in contact to make an appointment.

You don’t have to suffer alone.