A family saga – in five minutes

As a child Mary played with her cousins. Then the play stopped.

Her father and his sister had had a disagreement over money.

Some years later, Mary’s brother, Peter, died – quite early, in his 50s.

He left behind 5 children from various marriages. The youngest daughter, Marianne, was only 13.

There was trouble, Peter had forgotten to update his will.

Disagreement over money.

The siblings were torn apart – to the point that the youngest lost contact with her beloved older half brother, Paul, and the rest of the family.

Paul got married, and had children of his own.

Some years later, Paul’s daughter needed money to keep a house after a separation from her boyfriend.

On behalf of his daughter, Paul asked his aunt, Mary, for a loan.

But – the daughter didn’t make the repayments – causing ageing Mary a lot of angst

Mary’s daughter took things into her hands and started proceedings to get the money back.

Needless to say that once again, contact was lost between family members.

Over money issues.

A pattern, now repeated over three generations.

This is what I call a systemic issue.

Good fodder for epic novels – but not really life affirming.

You wouldn’t want this for your children.

The good news is – such patterns can be healed,

So that they don’t have to be repeated in future generations.

With Systemic and Family Constellations.

Systemic Constellations can address entangled issues in a fast, non-confrontational way, and bring lasting results.

Are you caught up in a pattern you can’t throw off, no matter how hard you try?

It might be a systemic issue.

If so, get in contact – I can help you heal it.

We owe it to ourselves, and our children, to ensure that unhelpful patterns don’t get repeated.