Passing exams and assessing your skills correctly

I gave a coaching session to my coach the other day. It’s part of my getting official coaching accreditation.

In some way this was an exam.

I don’t know about you, but when I am tested in something I am often a bit nervous beforehand.

I’m used to that – often stretch myself beyond the comfort zone.

More nervous when less prepared – being not suitably prepared is a habit of mine.

Back to the coaching session – and the build up to it.

On closer observation there was an interesting process going on. The nervousness did not have any foundation.

I’m experienced in working with people and have a lot of practice in the model through giving pro-bono sessions.

Well prepared then.

So, what was there to worry about?

Nothing really.

Just an old emotion raising its head without reason – out of habit.

How to get out of this habit?

Change mindset.

Through awareness and acknowledgement – then move on.

Do you have an area in your life, or work, where you are underestimating your skills?

An exam? A performance review? A speaking engagement?

I can help you know and trust your skills.