When does life start – really?

It’s a friend’s birthday today.

With surprise I realise it’s her 60th – already?

Not so long ago this age seemed quite old. Now it’s only 4 years to my 60th birthday.

Another friend is starting a new business in her 60s.

These days many people get a second wind at this age.

And another friend keeps developing her property, hands on – mostly by herself. She landscapes the land, has sheds erected and fits them out.

She put in a beautiful stair case from an old house, up to a mezzanine, to make a homy and inspiring place to create her art.

I could tell you all kinds of stories about other friends, who are on similar adventures.

And yet, another friend dies out of the blue two months after his 60th birthday.

People often use the term ’60 is the new 40’ to explain a trend. I wonder what it stands for.

Some think it might be just an advertising myth to sell more hair dye and makeup.

Really? Maybe the times, they are changing.

Some people have kids early and are grand parents in their 50’s. You could say, they are ready for new adventures then.

Others go on adventures first and have children later – or not at all.

When does life really start?

Does life start at birth, when we have children, when we go on new adventures, or when we feel fulfilled?

After all, these days we generally have a higher life expectancy.

I just read in a blog post on why 60 is the new 30 for entrepreneurs.

Apparently the 55 – 64 age group accounts now for more than 20 percent of all start-ups.

Not just that, they are successful in a more solid way – by using their experience gathered over a few decades.

At the same time we hear news about people dying earlier and earlier from heart attacks and cancer.

I guess, no matter what we try to do and invent and create for humanity, our lives are still a very individual journey – a combination of our destiny and the choices we make.

We can be happy and fulfilled no matter how long we live, or at what stage in life we are at.

What counts is that we claim the here and now.

That we are true to ourselves.

It’s our responsibility how we feel about our life.

So, what strategies do you have in place to stay true to yourself in the turbulence of life?

It can’t always be avoided: sometimes we get a big hit, or a prolonged challenge, and we find it hard to keep our spirit up – or find a solution.

That’s when we need to reach out.

Hits and challenges are part of life – so is asking for help, even if that is difficult for some.

But we always do better for it.

For example, you could ask me for support. I can help you in various ways – from simply listening and being with you, to getting you unstuck with Systemic Constellations.

If this resonates with you, get in touch.

I would feel honoured to be asked to assist you in such times.