Setting intentions, and how they help you reach your goal

Recently a client came to me for a series of coaching sessions. She wanted to achieve something.

The Gallery of South Australia had invited her to make a presentation about her mother’s work, an iconic vintage clothing emporium she’d had for 30 years – an exquisite collection.

My client had a lot of photographs of this collection. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of photographs.

She wanted to honour her mother and her work, and to show the masterpieces of the collection.

Without stress.


We started by defining a good outcome for our work together. The goal, and the benefits of reaching it.

Then we looked at the various tasks that needed to be done, how they could best be done, and by when she wanted to have them done.

She came up with really good strategies. She discovered where to set boundaries.

She decided to get up half an hour earlier, for a while.

The coaching took only 4 sessions and she was on a roll.

She didn’t need me anymore and could focus entirely on preparing the presentation. She felt confident that she would have it ready in time.

Having another session would have taken her away from the task.

In the last session she said: “It’s amazing what setting an intention can do. The work gets done so easily!”

The result?

The PowerPoint slides were delivered to the organiser a few days ahead of the the presentation, as she had planned.

This gave her time to practice the talk.

The presentation went really well, in fact beyond all expectation.

A standing ovation!


My contribution to this success?

Asking questions. My client came up with her own answers.

Through asking the right questions, I helped her set an intention, and to find her own best way to reach her goal.

Setting an intention is important when you want to achieve something.

Because when you are clear about the ‘what’ and ‘how’, your mind is focused and actions follow.

The work gets easier.

Do you have something you want to achieve, yet are not quite sure how to go about it?

Get in contact with me. I can help you with it.