Knowing when it’s time to move on

A wakeup call last week.

I had to redo the bookkeeping for our company for the last 10 months – to a deadline.

The result of a choice I made last January.

Pretty stressful.

Symptoms in my body – thoughts going round and round.

The urge to blame someone for that mess.

Sometimes, when things go pear-shaped, our automatic reaction is to blame someone else. We want to feel better.

It doesn’t work.

Now we’re angry on top of feeling stressed.

We might also have an inkling in the back of our head that something is not quite right.

So, when we realise that blaming someone else doesn’t work, we turn to ourselves.

We blame ourselves for the mess.

“I made the choice in January, didn’t I – didn’t respond to the warning signs.”

So the inner voice says.

This now makes us feel really bad – the internal judge making mincemeat of us.

It takes a conscious effort not to give this voice energy.

So what can we do?

Three steps on how to move on from such a situation:

  1. Accept it for what it was – a mess and a big effort to sort it out
  2. Inquire into what you did well – particularly as you sorted out the mess
  3. Ask yourself what could be done better next time – learn from the situation

There you go, another opportunity to get to know yourself – and how to take care of yourself.

Only then can you move on and tackle the next challenge confidently – without  bad feelings from the last one.

Need help with this? Get in touch with me. I’m here, as always.