How not to do it – and a way out

Have you ever felt totally exhausted? To the point that you were so tired that you didn’t know how to get back on track?

Maybe this happened because you were trying to achieve something, and you put a lot of effort into it.

You were driving yourself to excellence.

It’s a harsh way though.

There is also the other extreme: Just do what comes – no agenda, no plan.

Flow like a river. Sometimes gentle, sometimes wild and forceful.

The river doesn’t put effort into it. Just takes the easiest path – downhill towards the ocean.

Let’s gravity do the job.

Doesn’t try to go uphill – doesn’t try to go against the flow. That would be silly.

That’s the easy way, but possibly not satisfying.

Here’s an idea: A river can be made to go uphill – with a pump.

It just takes a bit of effort to create it – and fuel to run.

Unless we go about it in a sensible way, where we take care of ourselves, it’s easy to go astray.

Our life is not just about going with the flow until we merge into the ocean.

We also want to create.

And to create something, there are hurdles to overcome. We might need to go uphill for a while.

However, we often try to go uphill without fuel. Run on empty.

Like the river, we need input to be able to do it – a pump and fuel.

So, what are the pumps and fuel that could help you get over hurdles? Examples are:

  • Eating healthy food and going into nature
  • Meditating and taking time out to reflect
  • Sharing time with a good friend and talking deeply about what’s happening

As a result, you feel reenergised, and might have some ideas as to how to proceed – get pumped up.

You don’t have to do it alone when things get tough.

A coach might do.

Helping you get over hurdles by listening deeply and asking thought provoking questions – and by using a process that helps you find your own solution.

If you are ready for that coach – and it’s me, get in touch. I am ready too – to help you get over whichever hurdles you’re struggling with.