A little bird at the window and how to start your day smiling and open

little bird at my windowA little bird is knocking on my window in the morning.

It’s there every day – usually during my meditation.

Says “hello”.

The rational mind sees it’s a wren and knows it’s picking bugs off the glass.

The emotional mind says “hello”.

Enjoying the good morning greeting, it creates a relationship with this bird.

The rational mind kicks in: “This is silly – you’re in fantasy land!”

The emotional is unfazed:

“There are more wrens around, I can see them. They don’t come to the window. This one is a bold one.”

I decide to give the emotional mind space and start interacting with the wren.

Project an image into the bird’s mind that it’s safe to be there – that I enjoy her visit.

It seems to work. She stays a bit longer – then flies off.

My heart is open through this little interchange.

I’m ready for the day.

An open heart makes a difference – things flow easier.

You’re more relaxed.

A smile here and there.

People respond differently.

All through paying attention to a little bird in the morning.

So, what could you do in the morning to open your heart?

This is an invitation to experiment with it. Please tell me how it went.

If you have difficulties with this, and you would like me to help you, contact me.

I can create such a relationship with you.

It’s the basis of my work and fosters real breakthroughs.