So, you’re thinking you can’t meditate?

This email could also have been titled ‘the not so lazy man’s approach to meditation’.

Strange combination of subjects? Here is why I put them under one hat:

Many people tell me they can’t meditate.

They feel hopeless.

However, when I start talking about how meditation can be done easily, I see a light going on in their eyes.

Here is why:

Most people think of meditations as sitting still and controlling their thoughts.

Or, as my husband would say, sitting cross legged on a hard surface, making a holy face and chanting ‘om’.

What about if you’re not the sitting type? Your efforts would be doomed to failure.

So, lets have a look at how meditation can be done more easily.

You might have heard me say before: “easy is right”


Now, easy is not to be confused with lazy. The lazy way might be right for some people, but not others. If the lazy way is not for you, let’s find out what is easy for you.

You might have heard me say before: “find out what works, and do more of it.”

Let’s have a look at how we can apply this to your approach to mediation.

For example, instead of sitting still you could go for a walk. Instead of focussing on your breath, you pay attention to how you walk. It goes like this:

  • Take each step consciously
  • Observe how your feet touch the ground
  • Observe how you change the weight from one foot to the other
  • Observe how you lift a foot in preparation to take the next step
  • Be totally focused on it
  • When you catch your thoughts wandering elsewhere, take your attention gently back to the next step you are taking

There you go. You’ve just learned another meditation technique.

Try it! Maybe this is your way.

If not, there are many more meditation techniques, and I’ll tell you about them in future emails.

For now, if you would like help in finding what works for your, I’m here to help.

Meditation really can happen anywhere.