Tether the camel and trust

An ancient Sufi tale about whether to tie a camel over night or trust that it will still be there in the morning.

Originally it was a question about how to trust in God, but in secular society that’s a bit controversial.

However, how to trust is still a relevant question.

So, let’s replace the word God with something we can relate to.

For example, you could trust in intelligence.

It exists in many forms.

For a start there is your own intelligence.

Your body is also intelligent. It does not ask you what to do when you have eaten a meal. The digestion happens by itself.

Then there is intelligence in nature. Plants just grow when the conditions are right.

The whole universe is intelligent. The stars and planets do their thing without us telling them how to – and there are less accidents out there than on our roads.

You could trust in existence.
Back to the Sufi tale: Tie it or trust?

The answer is: do both at the same time.

Tie it when you trust – trust when you tie it.

Tie it and trust

It is very easy to trust and be lazy.

It is also very easy to be a doer and not to trust.

The third type is difficult – to be a doer and yet remain in trust.

Do whatever is possible for you to do and let go of control.

Then, whatsoever happens, accept it.

It’s hard, I know, but it can be done.

If this challenge motivates you, and you would like me to help you with it, I am here, as always.