Good and bad things – how we can heal and learn from them – part 1

How important is your childhood to you?

Good things happen. Bad things happen. Memories stay.

The memories that stay might not mean much to you, or even be in your awareness, but they have an effect on the way you are today.

Lets have a look at what we can do with these memories.

Good things:

They need to be honoured.

They made us who we are and we can build on them.


The things we did as a child spontaneously often show our strengths.

For example, I’ve been an initiator from early on. There are quite a few memories of the good things it brought to me and my family.

None of them fully in my consciousness.

It took a psychometric test, one people take to find their strengths, to make me pay attention to it.

The Team Management Profile assessed my strength as ‘Innovator and Creative’. I was surprised to learn that.

Not believing it, I did the test a second time – with similar results.

I’d had a different understanding of myself – knew some of my strengths, but not these.

However, by reflecting more on my approach to things, childhood memories came back.

It’s true – initiative informed a lot of things I did, and still do.

Facilitating Systemic Constellations is one example.

Constellations are hardly known in Australia; therefore I took the initiative to innovate and reframe the process to make it more approachable.

So, coming back to you.

You too can reflect on what you spontaneously did in your childhood. You might just find some strengths you weren’t aware of.

If you’d like some help in this, I’m here for you.

Not ‘just’ do I have Systemic Constellations up my sleeve, I am also a certified Team Management Profile facilitator.