How to learn from life – 5 steps to feeling good

So many things happen to us daily.

We can let them pass – or we can have a conscious look at them, and learn from them.

We can grow.

We all have this ability in us. It just depends on how we go about the things that happen to us.

Sometimes it’s merely recognising something that works – and do more of it.

At other times life can be tough. For example, a loved one dies, we get bullied, or we suffer from depression.

These are extreme situations, and if you are experiencing that, or something similar, right now, I feel for you.

Know, you’re not alone.

You can reach out –

And maybe that’s a little learning you can take away from today’s email.

On most days however, life’s lessons come in tiny chunks, sound bites – like the content of the tales I’m writing.

Here’s an example:

You meet somebody. You smile at each other. It makes you feel good.

That’s it.

What can you learn from that?

When you notice that something you do warms your heart, do more of it.

Take a little risk.

Not everybody will smile back. That’s ok.

Some do – and it brightens your day.

That’s it.

All it takes is to become more aware: of what you do, and the responses you receive as a result.

Here’s how:

  1. Observe yourself and your environment
  2. Take notice of what triggers you and how you respond
  3. Reflect on what you noticed, the connection between the triggers and responses
  4. Choose what brings a positive change
  5. Do more of the good stuff
  6. There you go – 5 steps to learning from life – and to feeling good.

However, if you’d like some personal guidance in making good stuff happen in your life, I’m here to help you.