How to deal with lots of emails, know when you’re ready and take that next step

The other day I received an email from Chrissy. She writes:

“I read about half of your lovely mails today.

Thank you for making time & effort to share your thoughts & your stories & yourself in that way!”

Thank you too, Chrissy.

I’m so glad that you enjoy reading these tales.

When someone finds a benefit in the daily updates – and takes the time to tell me – it I really touches me.

So many of us are very busy these days. So busy in fact, that we don’t always have the time to do things we would like to do.

An example would be reading daily emails, but there is an easy way to deal with this particular problem.

Chrissy found a way that works for her:

  • She collected the emails
  • At a quiet moment she read about half of them

Another email arrived in my inbox, a short note from Candy. She writes:

“I’ve really been enjoying the emails you send..I don’t get time to read them all, …”

Thank you, too!

Candy also knows what works for her:

  • She just doesn’t read them all – one now and again
  • When she doesn’t have time, she just presses ‘delete’
  • She knows that she can always find them again on my blog:

So, there is no ‘in’ or ‘out’, no ‘be subscribed’ or ‘not be subscribed’, to these daily updates.

There is an in-between way of dealing with lots of emails. I trust that whichever way you find, will be the right one for you.

Chrissy and Candy did.

These tales are meant to inspire you – and show small steps on how to learn from life – your life.

In her email, Chrissy continues:

“I find it reassuring to realise that someone as inspiring & wise as you is confronted & has to deal with much the same day-to-day realities of life as I am!”

Candy continues too:

“… but you’re definitely onto something good!” 

This is touching me.

Yes, these daily updates are meant to inspire you – and show small steps on how to learn from life, your life.

We all have to deal with similar day-to-day realities, yet we are all unique.

So, what we do with our own reality, is the important thing.

We can be under a lot of pressure and still look after our emotional wellbeing

Chrissy then continues:

“I am very much due & ready for another constellation with you! ;)” 

She has worked with me over Skype over the last three months and has made big steps forward.

Sometimes, when you’re stuck, a one-on-one session can help you take that next step.

Chrissy recognised this – and knew when she was ready for that next big step.

More importantly, she acted on insight.

So, when you feel the need for personal help, don’t tough it out.

There is help out there.

Take the opportunity.

Contact that person who can support you to take the next step.

If it’s me – you know where to find me.

I would feel honoured to be in service to you.