The lazy man’s way to meditation

Or woman’s way, for that matter.

It’s hard to give justification to both genders all the time without the writing becoming cumbersome.

So, I’ll just do one day one way, and the other day the other way.

Anyway, an interesting response to the email on meditation the other day.

A meditator himself, the writer did not agree with my approach to meditating in bed first thing in the morning.

Here is what he said:

“I don’t actually agree with the message: 

Given how lazy some people are, and how hard people make it for themselves to meditate and keep it up, I would never recommend meditating in bed, 

if only for the fact that lots of people will fall asleep again instead of meditate ;), 

and there are more reasons why it’s much better to create a separate space for it.”

I get what he says, and can attest to the benefits of having a special space for meditation.

When you put loving attention and intention into an area, you create a sacred place. It will support you when you sit there.

It’s the vibration.

For the same reason, it is also easier to meditation with a group. Again, the vibration of people meditating around you will have a positive impact on you.

However, sometimes it’s not practical to do that.

The house might be too cold in Winter. Other people might already be up and about and distract you. Or it’s just plain hard to get up in the morning.

You might not do it and stay in bed.

My approach to meditation is different.

I say: better to meditate in a less ideal situation than not do it at all.

Easy is right.

Maybe we disagree on what’s easy.

Comfort is important too. I am not one for suffering unnecessarily. Sitting on a hard cushion without back support seems too hard to do.

It doesn’t help having a sore back throughout a sitting.

Your experience of meditation can be much more enjoyable when you have a few cushions and the bed head supporting your back.

You are more motivated to do it again the next morning.

Now, what about the danger of falling asleep?

So be it.

Maybe tomorrow morning you’ll stay awake. If not, then the day after.

The important thing is to meditate regularly. It’s like a muscle. It gets stronger with training.

If you struggle to find a way that works for you and you would like a personal trainer in meditation, I’m here.