Spring Equinox, seasons – and changes in our lives

Spring Equinox is long past. Summer is taking it’s time to arrive.

This is Australia – it’s in the Southern Hemisphere. The seasons are opposite to the Northern Hemisphere.

Having grown up in Europe, this is quite a strange experience. Autumn becomes Spring, Winter is suddenly Summer.

It’s hot at Christmas.

Imagine being at the beach instead of in the snow. It’s white around you, but different. It’s light instead of dark. A Christmas tree looks quite out of place. Candles melt from the heat.

Some people try to celebrate Christmas in July, when it is Winter here, but that’s strange too.

Anyway, today’s topic is about a whole other story.

It’s about seasons, yes – and dealing with change.

Think of your birthday and the season it is in. Maybe this is Summer. It’s always been that way – since you were born.

Then – suddenly it’s in the opposite season.

If it was in Summer, your birthday is in Winter now. Instead of a long balmy Summer’s evening, it’s dark and cold outside.

How would this be?

How would you deal with this change?

It’s just a simple example. However, we have changes in our lives and work all the time:

  • We’re growing up – and growing old
  • Get jobs which are there one day and gone the next
  • Maybe we get married
  • Maybe we have children
  • The children grow up and move out
  • We might we get divorced
  • You might suddenly be alone.

Are you lonely?

Maybe you are you able to turn ‘loneliness’ into ‘aloneness’ – and enjoy your own company.

How equipped are you in dealing with the small and large changes in your life?

You might be resilient – have some strategies in place.

I would love to hear about some of your success stories.

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