Fitness is like a language you once spoke

A three hour bike ride in the forest yesterday.

When starting in the morning I did not expect to get very far, thinking I wasn’t fit enough. Not much exercise lately. The long winter, focus on building a business, and a few late nights had taken its toll.

Surprise, surprise.

Keeping up with Malcolm wasn’t a problem. There was no tiredness at the end. Well, no exhaustion – instead a little bit of tiredness and hunger. Most of all there was the satisfaction of having done something physical.

It was enjoyable too – fitness was there.

So, what made this surprise possible?  Fitness suddenly there that was not supposed to be there?

Any ideas?

Can you recall a similar experience?

Maybe you’ve experienced a skill you once had – for example speaking another language.

Maybe you spoke this language fluently – but not for a while.

When you don’t use a language for a while, or any other skill for that matter, it gets ‘lost’. The first time you try to speak this language again, your mouth feels paralysed.

The words are there – they just don’t come out of your mouth.

Nothing is lost however.

With a little persistence the skill will come back quickly – much quicker than you ever thought possible.

You will enjoy speaking that language again.

It’s the same with fitness.

A week in Alice Springs last month – cycling or walking one hour a day tapped into a reserve, and brought dormant stamina back to the surface.

The reserve being a legacy of a youth going up and down Swiss mountains.

“But…” I hear you say.

I say, you can do it too.

Things can be uncovered – built up anytime, anywhere.

Just a little bit of persistence.

Some fun thrown into the mix helps.

Now, what would you like to revive and enjoy again?

Stuck with it? You might want to get in contact with me. I’m here to help.