Going into the unknown – and having ground underneath our feet

Recently, a dear friend, Dr Chris Millar, died. Yesterday was his funeral.

He’s going into the unknown.

My heart is with him and his loved ones.


Even in life we are going into the unknown.

We don’t really know what the next step brings.

We can plan, structure, have visions and goals – have a clear map laid out in front of us.

In the end it’s only a map – the terrain we are walking, the reality, is much more than that.

This is what can happen:

We are walking on our path, with a map in our hands – maybe we have some directions too.

Something unexpected happens – we take a different turn than planned.

Maybe things get turned upside down – that’s possible.


An opposite approach to going into the unknown – going with the flow:

Particularly after a big unexpected turn, we might be tempted to throw the plans away, let the structures dissolve, think it’s not worth having a vision.

This is not right either. We will drift aimlessly, like a sailing boat without a keel or a rudder on the ocean.

We need direction and purpose – be able to go on shore and feel solid ground beneath our feet.

Then we can be open to go into the unknown again – accept what life brings and it won’t rock us to the core.

Life’s a dance between the unknown and solidity.


Wonder how to find the right balance for yourself

There are guides out there that can help you along the way for a while. Maybe it’s me? – You know what to do then.