What if you’re waking up angry in the morning – options of what you’d do

Imagine, you have a demanding and taxing day. You’re doing well. However, not everything goes your way. In the evening you arrive home tired.

You try to do something you have been stuck with for a few days. Still no breakthrough.

You get angry and go to bed later than you wanted. In the morning you wake up tired – and angry.

What would you do?

  • You might act it out on somebody you love.
  • You might go on a whinge with friends until they can’t stand it anymore.
  • You might sulk.
  • You might go round and round and round in your head about how difficult everything is until you drive yourself crazy.
  • You might feel miserable.
  • You might ignore it.
  • You might work on it.
  • You might inquire into your emotions and find out what’s beneath all this.
  • You might have a cold shower.
  • You might go for a run.
  • You might just accept it for what it is.

There are so many things you could do with it.

This happened to me the other day, and here’s what I did.

I took a notebook and started writing – whatever came to my mind.

In the end that list was created.

Needless to say what I chose to to in the end.

When in a similar situation, you could take a notebook too and try out this technique.

What is the most life affirming thing you’d do in such a situation?

If you struggle with it, I’m here to help – as always.