Of love, success – and the Australian Audio and AV show

Today is another day.

“Another day, another dollar,” they say.

Not sure whether I subscribe to that. Life is much more than about making a dollar or two, or lots.

Yes, we need money, or have some sort of reserve to get a roof over our head and food on the table…

Interlude – Malcolm calls for breakfast, and I gladly follow his invitation.

A few hours later – back on the job.

Lets see whether I can recall that train of thoughts, I was just getting into, when Malcolm called.

… so, life is not just about making money, whether it’s little or lots. I think it is also about happiness, purpose and fulfilment.

It’s a cliché, I know. But there is some truth in that all the money in the world can’t give you real happiness.

Let’s have a closer look at what happened this morning.

I did loose the train of thoughts when I went for breakfast with Malcolm, didn’t I?

Right now, I can’t get it back, no matter how much I let my mind ramble.

Here is why I followed my instinct against ‘better knowledge’:

The invitation from Malcolm was much more important than putting brilliant thoughts on paper.

Some could say, that is an excuse, a cop out, or that procrastination is in play here.

Yes, there is a bit of that too – won’t deny it.

However, the main reason for abandoning the flow in writing this morning was different. In spite of increasing the difficulty to get today’s update out, and really wanting to develop a habit first thing in the morning, I happily dropped the task for a while.

It was well worth it.

My beloved is away a lot at the moment – very busy with a day job, and with being the CEO of a promising start up business producing the most amazing sound technology.

The first loudspeakers are out, and experts, who had a taste of it, are raving about the clarity of the sound. So much so, that he was invited to take part in the Australian Audio and AV Show in Melbourne this weekend.

So, I’ll see him even less – lots to do to create a special experience for listeners and manning the booth.

Needless to say, that this morning I put love and connection above habit and productivity.

It was worth it.

It made my heart sing.

And now, I’m writing anyway – and this story took a completely different turn.

I believe that life is primarily about purpose and contentment – it will help you get over the rough times.

Only then, or maybe because of it, success comes.

A sense of deep fulfilment is the end result.

Struggling to find your purpose?

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