Establishing a habit – recognising a pattern in yourself

There are good and bad habits.

Bad habits usually establish by themselves and sometimes it’s difficult to kick them, no matter how hard you try.

Similarly – and different – with a good habit. It does not happen by itself. It can be difficult to establish, no matter how are you try.

Take for example writing daily emails to your list, blog or any other outlet for that matter.

Two months ago I signed up on a mentoring program to do just that.

Two weeks ago I started sending out regular emails.

The backend sorted. It all works – legacy to a past life in the IT profession.

The plan is there.

Send out inspiring daily updates.

So, everything is set up to go and work smoothly.

Three days in – it falls over.

Two days no emails.

I’m trying to write. It’s hard.

The result? Half finished pieces in my notebook – and on my computer. Every day I think:

I’ll catch up tomorrow.

It’s easy. I see it clearly in my mind.

First I’ll write the daily email, then I’ll finish off the unfinished ones.

The daily email happens more regularly.

Catching up is another matter. It hasn’t happened much.

Last night I lay awake. Not sure why, but that can be explored at another time. What’s important though, is an insight that popped up.

A repetitive pattern never seen so clearly.

I see things. That’s what makes me good in my work.

However with planning it doesn’t work that well – even if you see yourself doing things clearly and the day is fully laid out in front of your inner eye.

It doesn’t happen – repeats the next day, then the next. Only sometimes a good day in between. They are the highlights that keep you going.

The thing is, the inner eye doesn’t know time. Visual effects are lighting fast – and the day has only 24 hours.

That’s is the pattern I recognised last night.

So, why and how do I pick myself up every day and give it another go?

I am lucky. I have a mentor who supports me in this process.

Encourages, cajoles, shares knowledge. Keeps me accountable too.

Helps me to keep going.

To trust that over time a habit will be established and it will be easier when done long enough.

Do you have a habit you would like to establish. Want a mentor to help you get there?

You can be lucky too. I’m here to help you.