Of weekly and daily emails – establishing a routine that works

Some of you might wonder: “What, another email from Preeti already?”

Others might wonder the opposite: “How come I didn’t receive an update from her yesterday?”

Here is why:

I’m exploring, I’m looking to find a new way – the best way – of communicating with you.

It’s trial and error – or maybe I just don’t want to listen to my mentor, who tells me that if people REALLY want to change, and I write about ways to achieve it, those people very likely would prefer daily tips and inspiration, instead of weekly. But that’s another story.

See, I intend to send out helpful and inspiring updates – and I have plenty of ideas to help you.

Little stories, about positive change.

Methods, strategies – actions you can put to use, to shift your way of looking at problems.

So far, people seem to like them.

Sometimes, touching feedback reaches me. A story arriving in someone’s inbox at exactly the right moment : It was what she needed to hear right then and there.

So obviously, it inspires me to continue.

Even if only one of you finds a benefit in these stories, it’s been worthwhile writing them.

Last week I didn’t manage as intended – too involved in the nuts and bolts of setting up the routine.

The idea I had was to leave you the choice whether you want to receive updates daily or weekly.

The thing is – and that’s where my mentor is right – they are stories that build up on top of each other – every day.

Sometimes it’s a story that continues, such as a recent journey to China and how to immerse into a new culture. At other times it’s a theme that gets explored in small chunks, such as demystifying meditation.

One short update builds up on a previous one, and when you keep reading them you’ll automatically start to see that change happen in your perception.

So, with a bit of trepidation, I’ve decided to abandon the weekly omnibus. Everybody will receive the same message at the same time – daily.

I understand that to some readers it may be too often, but honestly it’s the best way I can help you. And hey, you don’t have to read them if you’re busy (though you’d miss out).

I’m still establishing a routine that works – so it might be you see me skip the odd day. I’ll try to avoid it though because it’s my mission to help.

And just like an uninterrupted workout schedule is the best way to change your physique, these daily tips and suggestions are the best way to change your life for the better.

So, stay tuned while I settle into a rhythm.

To be honest, I am so happy to be able to share these stories with you. And, I thank you for reading them – because it means that you are indeed committed to change. And that makes my day.

Hopefully these stories will make your day too.