On structuring, routine and creating – today’s busy world in your back pocket

Are you good in routine – in structuring your day, your week, your project?

There are two kinds of people, the structured ones and the rest. Actually, there are more kinds, but I’ll leave this for another post. I am from the other other kind, the one that loves going into the unknown, being spontaneous, responding to the moment and creating new things.

Sometimes we create so much that it gets on top of us.

The Alice Springs trip is knocking at the door with a lot to prepare this time. The organiser of the System and Family Constellation workshop in Alice Springs recently had a beautiful baby daughter. Congratulations beautiful woman!

Her time is taken up nursing, which does not leave any for organising a workshop.

A friend jumped in. Thank you!

However, her work suddenly takes her 4 hours further North to Tenant Creek, then not, and then she is in Newcastle for a week.

I need to step in more.

A presentation at the AFN conference, this year in Alice Springs, is a few days after the workshop.

The night before flying to Alice Springs another presentation to make – this time for the Melbourne Chapter of IAF.

A mentoring program with a commitment to write a post every day for three months will hopefully become a routine soon. Thank you for your support mentor!

Phase 4 of the GROWTH coaching accreditation program gives another technique to round off my skill set when helping people get unstuck. Learning to project manage. Thank you for keeping me on track coach!

GROWTH is great. It gives structure to the new programs on resilience, leadership and belonging, that currently simmer in the back of my mind. Stay posted while it all gets integrated in my work!

So, what are the tricks for sticking to routine and managing that stuff doesn’t get on top of you? Do you have any?

I would love to hear from you.

I’ll share a collection of tips in a future post.

If you are in Alice Springs, you could come to the Systemic and Family Constellation workshop. It’s great stuff and some find it life changing.