June special: half price counselling sessions

June is at our doorstep. Depending on where you live, this means Winter solstice or Summer solstice is at your door. For me it is also the month of my birthday. I am celebrating another year on this beautiful planet Earth and would like you to celebrate with me and with my work.

For this I offer you one half price counselling session, booked and paid before the end of June 2012.  I recommend Skype video sessions – powerful and convenient!

For over 10 years now I have been contemplating on, and growing with, the process of defining my work – my offer to you. What should I call what I do? How can you best understand what I do?

Basically I help you get Straight to the Point. Have a look!

Fees are depend on the length of the session. Generally a counselling session lasts one hour. If you wish you can also have frequent 30 minute sessions. For a constellation session I recommend 90 minutes, particularly if you are new to this work. Packages are also available.

For my fee structure, contact me.

I am also celebrating an overhaul of my website www.preetihelena.com. See why in my blog entry: It’s all about me.