It’s all about me

When I wrote the text for this website I listened to conventional wisdom on web development and small business, which meant to look as big as possible. Big is better? Right?

I went ahead with this idea and presented myself as ‘Preeti Helena and associates’, which is true on some occasions. I do work with other people and when I run a retreat for example I invite other facilitators to present certain parts when I think it is beneficial and enriches the experience of the participants. I also have an accountant, a bookkeeper and a PA who help me with the administrative side of things. I strongly believe in doing things I’m good at and leave the space for others in areas I am not so strong in.

However, this website is not about this. The website is about me, my skills and experience; about what I can offer to help you move through and ultimately thrive in life’s changes, whether it is in your personal or business environment.

I’ve been on the journey to develop a coaching and facilitation business for the last 10 years. This journey is just as much about my own personal growth as it is about growing a business. At least that is what I found. I set off 10 years ago and followed a vision to combine my skills and experience in two worlds, the one of IT projects and large corporations – the business world, and the one of deep personal inquiry and meditation – the personal development world. This is a unique combination and I am a unique human being, as is everybody else for that matter.

I have also found in this journey that it is not about the tools or techniques I am using, it is about who I am that attracts a client to my work.

So, now that I have told you all of this, I will eat my own dog food and make my website reflect me and my work. I will delete the ‘associates’ reference and change the ‘we’ to ‘I’.

After all this is all about me and I am standing for what feels right to me.