Mind & Soul: A Practical User-Guide

111208 Flowering TreeThe concept of ‘Mind and Soul’ has so many theories – psychological, philosophical, religious and scientific.

However, it calls for a 21st century specific metaphor in order to relate it to something readily understood; something practical that we use to improve our daily lives.

Brain = iPhone
Mind = Applications
Soul = Settings

Putting the iPhone/brain aside (carefully) we want to focus on the things we ourselves can control; where we can effect change.

Mind: Is my software up to date? Do I have all the Apps I need? By this I mean, have we acquired the coping mechanisms, the listening skills and related emotional intelligence tools necessary to deal with the world we live in, the events in our life, and the challenges we face?

Soul: Have I configured the settings of my Apps to make them work for me? By this I mean, have we defined our authentic self?


I am more than happy to help.